Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide

JSR 88 Naming

There are two JSR 88 APIs that can be used to deploy applications in Enterprise Server.

If you are using the following JSR 88 API, there is no file name:

javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.DeploymentManager.distribute(Target[], InputStream, InputStream)

Because there is no file name, the name of the application is taken from the display-name entry in the Java EE standard deployment descriptor. If the display-name entry is not present, Enterprise Server creates a temporary file name and uses that name to deploy the application. Neither the Administration Console nor the asadmin utility uses this API.

If you are using the following preferred JSR 88 API, the name is derived from the first portion of the file name (without the .war or .jar extension):

javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.DeploymentManager.distribute(Target[], File, File)

For more information about JSR 88, see