Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform

ProcedureCreate the Project in NetBeans

  1. Select File->New Project.

  2. Select Java Web in the Categories pane.

  3. Select Web Application in the Projects pane.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Set Project Name to dukes-age.

  6. Set the Project Location to tut-install/myexample.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Select your Enterprise Server v3 instance from the Server menu.

  9. Select Java EE 5 from the Java EE Version menu.

    Note –

    NetBeans 6.7 IDE doesn't currently support Java EE 6 as a Java EE Version, but our application uses Java EE 6 features, and will run on Enterprise Server v3, a Java EE 6 server.

  10. Set the Context Path to /DukesAgeService

  11. Click Finish.

    You should now see the module you created in the Projects pane.

  12. From the Projects pane, right-click on the index.jsp file and select Delete. Click Yes in the dialog.