Logical Domains 1.2 Administration Guide

Canceling a Migration in Progress

Once a migration starts, if the ldm command is interrupted with a KILL signal, the migration is terminated. The target domain is destroyed, and the source domain is resumed if it was active. If the controlling shell of the ldm command is lost, the migration continues in the background.

A migration operation can also be canceled externally by using the ldm cancel-operation command. This terminates the migration in progress, and the source domain resumes as the active domain. The ldm cancel-operation command should be initiated from the source system. On a given system, any migration-related command impacts the migration operation that was started from that system. A system cannot control a migration operation when it is the target system.

Note –

Once a migration has been initiated, suspending the ldm(1M) process does not pause the operation, because it is the Logical Domains Manager daemon (ldmd) on the source and target machines that are effecting the migration. The ldm process waits for a signal from the ldmd that the migration has been completed before returning.