Sun Java System Application Server Standard and Enterprise Edition 7 2004Q2 Update 7 Release Notes

Java Transaction Service (JTS)

This section describes the known Java Transaction Service (JTS) issues and the associated solutions.

Java Transaction Service Issues




Transactions can fail due to a transaction timeout even when the JTS timeout is large enough.


Configure the Application Server’s transaction service property, xaresource-txn-timeout, and set its value to match the transaction timeout (in seconds) configured for the transaction service.


There are some known problems with the recovery implementations of some of the JDBC drivers. For these known problems, Sun Java System Application Server provided some workarounds. By default, these workarounds will not be used unless you explicitly indicate that these workarounds are to be used.


In the server.xml file, res-type is used to demarcate the connection as non-XA or XA. This demarcation is used to identify the configuration of the data source to drive data. For example, in the Datadirect driver, the same data source can be used as either XA or non-XA.

The default behavior of the data source is non-XA. To make the data source behave as XA with the connpool element for transactions, res-type is needed. For the connpool element to work and participate in transactions, add the following for the attributes res-type in the server.xml file: