C H A P T E R  11

Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI Array FRUs

This chapter provides instructions for removing and installing field-replaceable units (FRUs) which are specific to the Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI array. FRU components can be replaced by customers or by Sun service representatives.

At this time, there is only one FRU procedure which is unique to the Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI array.

11.1 Installing an Expansion Chassis FRU

The Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI array box FRU includes a chassis, its drive midplane, and its backplane. This product is ordered to replace a box that has been damaged or whose midplane, backplane, or terminator module has been damaged.

To make a fully functional array, you must add the following parts from the replaced array:

To install the individual modules, use the replacement instructions provided in this guide.

To configure the array, refer to the installation manual for your array, located on the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family Documentation CD and on the Sun website.

To replace the chassis frame of an existing JBOD, perform the following steps.

caution icon

Caution - Connected hosts must be inactive during this replacement procedure.

Note - Be sure to follow Section 1.2, Static Electricity Precautions for all procedures.

1. Power off both power supply modules on the defective array.

2. Ensure all SCSI cables attached to the I/O module are labeled clearly.

3. Write down the defective array's cabling configuration.

4. Write down the SCSI ID switch setting, right or left.

The IDs assigned for disks 1 through 4 depend on the switch settings on the array. The right switch setting uses IDs 8, 9, 10, and 11. The left switch setting uses IDs 12, 13, 14, and 15.

5. Remove all SCSI cables attached to the I/O module.

6. Label each disk drive with its disk slot position in the array.

7. Remove the power supply modules and disk drives from the defective array.

8. Remove the defective chassis.

9. Obtain the replacement chassis.

10. Re-install all previously removed modules in their original positions into the replacement array.

11. Re-install all SCSI and power cables in their original positions.

12. Set the SCSI ID switch to right or left depending on your previous configuration.

Note - SCSI IDs are set based on the switch setting on the array when it is powered on. If you change the switch setting, the SCSI IDs will change after you power off, and then power on.

13. Power on both power supply modules.

14. Refer to your installation manual to configure the JBOD.