TABLE 2-1 small spacePCI FCode PROM Header Format

TABLE 2-2 small spacePCI Expansion PROM Header Format

TABLE 2-3 small spacePCI Expansion PROM Data Structure Format

TABLE 2-4 small spacePCI FCode PROM Dump

TABLE 2-5 small spaceFormat of Physical Address reg Property

TABLE 3-1 small spaceStack Parameter Abbreviations

TABLE 3-2 small spaceFCode Source Word Classes

TABLE 4-1 small spaceFCode Binary Format

TABLE 4-2 small spaceFCode Header Format

TABLE 4-3 small spaceCommon Package-related Commands

TABLE 4-4 small spaceCommands for Browsing the Device Tree

TABLE 6-1 small spacePackage Access FCodes

TABLE 6-2 small spaceManipulating phandle s and ihandle s

TABLE 6-3 small spaceFunctions Enabling Calling Other Packages' Methods

TABLE 6-4 small spaceSun Disk Label Package Methods

TABLE 6-5 small spaceTFTP Package Methods

TABLE 6-6 small spaceDeblocker Package Methods

TABLE 7-1 small spaceStandard FCode Properties

TABLE 7-2 small spaceDisplay Device Properties

TABLE 7-3 small spaceNetwork Device Properties

TABLE 7-4 small spaceMemory Device Properties

TABLE 7-5 small spaceParent Node General Properties

TABLE 7-6 small spacePCI Parent Node Properties

TABLE 7-7 small spacePCI Child Node Properties

TABLE 7-8 small spaceStandard Device Types

TABLE 7-9 small spaceInterrupts Property Value Encoding

TABLE 7-10 small spaceChild-Parent Address Relationships

TABLE 7-11 small spaceChild-Parent Address Relationships for a PCI Node in a PPCRP Machine

TABLE 7-12 small space status Property Values

TABLE 7-13 small spaceEncoding FCodes

TABLE 7-14 small spaceProperty Creation FCodes

TABLE 7-15 small spaceProperty Encoding FCodes

TABLE 7-16 small spaceProperty Decoding FCodes

TABLE 7-17 small spaceProperty Retrieval FCodes

TABLE 8-1 small spaceRequired Properties of Block and Byte Devices

TABLE 9-1 small spaceRequired Display Device Properties

TABLE 10-1 small spaceSBus Required Properties

TABLE 11-1 small spaceRequired Network Device Properties

TABLE 11-2 small spaceOptional Network Device Properties

TABLE 12-1 small spaceSerial Driver Required Properties

TABLE 14-1 small spaceEscape Sequences in Text Strings

TABLE 14-2 small spaceActual Parameters Returned by default-font

TABLE 14-3 small spaceNamed Offset Pointers Created Into a Structure

TABLE 14-4 small space versionx Tokenizer Macros

TABLE A-1 small spaceStack Manipulation

TABLE A-2 small spaceArithmetic Operations

TABLE A-3 small spaceMemory Operations

TABLE A-4 small spaceAtomic Access

TABLE A-5 small spaceData Exception Tests

TABLE A-6 small spaceComparison Operations

TABLE A-7 small spaceText Input

TABLE A-8 small spaceASCII Constants

TABLE A-9 small spaceNumeric Input

TABLE A-10 small spaceNumeric Primitives

TABLE A-11 small spaceNumeric Output

TABLE A-12 small spaceGeneral-purpose Output

TABLE A-13 small spaceFormatted Output

TABLE A-14 small space begin Loops

TABLE A-15 small spaceConditionals

TABLE A-16 small spaceCase Statements

TABLE A-17 small space do Loops

TABLE A-18 small spaceControl Words

TABLE A-19 small spaceStrings

TABLE A-20 small spaceDefining Words

TABLE A-21 small spaceDictionary Compilation

TABLE A-22 small spaceDictionary Search

TABLE A-23 small spaceConversion Operators

TABLE A-24 small space64-bit Operations

TABLE A-25 small spaceMemory Buffers Allocation

TABLE A-26 small spaceMiscellaneous Operators

TABLE A-27 small spaceInternal Operators (invalid for program text)

TABLE A-28 small spaceVirtual Memory Allocation

TABLE A-29 small spaceProperties

TABLE A-30 small spaceCommonly-used Properties

TABLE A-31 small spaceSystem Version Information

TABLE A-32 small spaceDevice Activation Vector Setup

TABLE A-33 small spaceSelf-test Utility Routines

TABLE A-34 small spaceTime Utilities

TABLE A-35 small spaceMachine-specific Support

TABLE A-36 small spaceUser-set Terminal Emulation Values

TABLE A-37 small spaceTerminal-set Terminal Emulation Values

TABLE A-38 small spaceTerminal Emulation Routines*

TABLE A-39 small spaceFrame Buffer Parameter Values*

TABLE A-40 small spaceFont Operators

TABLE A-41 small spaceOne-bit Frame Buffer Utilities

TABLE A-42 small spaceEight-bit Frame Buffer Utilities

TABLE A-43 small spacePackage Support

TABLE A-44 small spaceAsynchronous Support

TABLE A-45 small spaceMiscellaneous Operations

TABLE A-46 small spaceInterpretation

TABLE A-47 small spaceError Handling

TABLE A-48 small spaceFCodes by Byte Value

TABLE A-49 small spaceTokenizer Directives

TABLE A-50 small spaceFCodes and Tokenizer Directives by Name

TABLE D-1 small spaceFCode Names Changed in Version 3.x

TABLE D-2 small spaceFCode 2.x Changed Names and Equivalent FCode 3.x Names

TABLE D-3 small spaceFCode 2.x Commands Deleted in FCode 3.x

TABLE D-4 small spaceNew FCodes Added in 3.x

TABLE D-5 small spaceDifferently Functioning 3.x FCodes With Changed Byte Values

TABLE D-6 small space3.x FCodes Related to 64-Bit Operations

TABLE D-7 small spaceDevice-Related User Interface Commands Changed in 3.x