Solaris DHCP Service Developer's Guide

Upgrading Container Versions

You do not need to be concerned with container version upgrades, because the architecture facilitates the coexistence of different container versions when you follow the naming guidelines described in Naming the Public Module and Data Store Containers. The administrative tools use this feature of the architecture to enable DHCP administrators to automatically upgrade from one container version to another.

The container format version is set in the Framework Configuration Layer configuration file automatically, either by the installation (when upgrading Solaris DHCP) or through the administrative interface during initial DHCP service configuration. If you install a new version of a public module that includes a new container version, the administrative interface automatically detects the new version, and asks the administrator to decide whether to upgrade the public module version. The upgrade can be deferred. The DHCP service will continue to run with the original version of the public module until the administrator upgrades the module.