Solaris Advanced User's Guide

Summary Table of lpstat Options

You can use the lpstat command to request different types of printing status information. Table 8–2 summarizes the frequently used options for the lpstat command. Use these options individually, or combine them in any order on the command line. When you combine options, use a space between each option and repeat the dash (-).

Table 8–2 Summary of Frequently Used lpstat Options




Accept. Show whether print destinations are accepting requests. 


Class. Show classes and their members.  


Destination. Show default destination. 


Forms. Show forms.  


Output. Show status of print requests. 

-p [list][-D][-l}

Printer/Description/Long list. Show status of printers. 


Request. Request scheduler status. 


Show position of job in the queue. 


Status. Show status summary. 


Sets. Show character sets. 

-u [username]

User. Show requests by user. 


Show devices. 

See the lpstat(1) man page for a complete list of options.