Solaris Advanced User's Guide

Entry Mode

To type text in the sample file paint, type the vi “insert” command i. This command removes vi from command mode and puts it into entry mode.

Now type a few short lines of text, ending every line with a Return. Characters you type appear to the left of the cursor and push any existing characters to the right. For the moment, you can correct your mistakes by backspacing and retyping a line before you press Return. For information on editing text in vi, see Changing Text.

When you finish typing text in paint, press Esc to return to command mode. The cursor moves back onto the last character you typed. Now you can type more vi commands.

If vi seems to act unpredictably, make sure that you are not in “Caps Lock” mode, which would cause your entries to be all capital letters. On some systems, the F1 key (usually next to the Esc key) acts as the Caps Lock. Pressing this key instead of Esc is a common error.

Note –

Occasionally you might need to instruct vi to clear or redraw the screen to eliminate, for example, extraneous system messages. To redraw the screen, enter command mode and press Ctrl-L.