Solaris Advanced User's Guide

rlogin as Someone Else

The -l option of the rlogin command enables to log in to a remote machine as someone else. This option can be useful if you are working on someone else's machine (using their username) and you want to log in to your own machine as yourself.

Use the following command syntax for the -l option of the rlogin command.

# rloginmachinename -l username  

The following example shows how user user2 on machine venus would log in to machine starbug as user1.

venus$ rlogin starbug -l user1
Last login: Thu Nov  2 12:51:57 from venus
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.9       Generic February 2002
starbug$ pwd
starbug$ logout
Connection closed.

Note that when you log in to a remote machine as someone else, you are placed in that user's home directory.