Solaris Advanced User's Guide

Displaying All Status Information

The -t option for lpstat gives you a complete listing of the status of the LP print service.

To display a complete listing of all status information, type the following command.

$ lpstat -t

The system displays all available status information.

In the following example, no jobs are in the print queue. When files are spooled for printing, the status of those print requests is also displayed.

$ lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: jetprint
system for jetprint: prtsrv1
system for fastprint: prtsrv1

jetprint accepting requests since Wed Nov  1 15:09:29 MST 2000
fastprint accepting requests since Wed Nov  1 15:09:47 MST 2000
printer fastprint is idle. enabled since Wed Nov  1 15:09:46 MST 2000. 
jetprint-1              user2            11466   Nov 01 15:10 on jetprint