Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide


The Solaris X server also supports keyboard features compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). These features are available through an extension to the server, called AccessX. The AccessX extension provides the following capabilities: sticky keys, slow keys, toggle keys, mouse keys, bounce keys and repeat keys. Use the client program accessx to enable and disable these capabilities. The accessx client controls the toggle, bounce, and repeat keys and their settings. The sticky, slow, and mouse keys can be enabled using shift or other keys. For information on using AccessX, see the Solaris User's Guide.

Before running accessx, set the UIDPATH environment variable to /usr/openwin/lib/app-defaults/accessx.uid.

The accessx client is part of the SUNWxwacx package. To install it, you need to install the All Cluster.