Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide

Multiple Criteria Sets

XSolarisOvlSelectPartner supports a degradation sequence of criteria sets. This means that multiple criteria sets can be specified in a single call. First, the routine attempts to find a visual matching the first criteria set. If a visual is found that meets all of the hard criteria of the first set, this visual is chosen. If no visual meets all hard criteria of the first set, the routine performs a search using the second criteria set. This process continues until either a visual is found that meets the hard criteria of some criteria set, or all sets have been used to search. This degradation sequence allows clients to specify the criteria for the most preferred visual as the first criteria set. Visuals that are acceptable but are less desirable can be specified in criteria sets following the first criteria set. This allows the search to proceed through a progressive relaxation in the client's requirements for the visual with a single subroutine call.

Any of the possible criteria can be specified either as a hard or soft criteria for a particular criteria set. For a given set, hardCriteriaMask is the logical OR of the criteria bitmasks that are to be applied as hard criteria during the search. Likewise, softCriteriaMask is the logical OR of the soft criteria bitmasks.

Some criteria have values associated with them. These values are provided by other data members in the XSolarisOvlVisualCriteria structure. In the criteria descriptions that follow, these data members are mentioned where applicable.

If either hardCriteriaMask of a criteria set is to 0, any visual will match that criteria set with a hard match. Likewise, setting the softCriteriaMask of a criteria set to 0, is sufficient to guarantee at least a soft match for that criteria set.