Font Administrator User's Guide

sdtfontadd Command Syntax

/usr/dt/bin/sdtfontadd [-e dir][-v][-f][font_name ...] fromdir todir


-e dir

If the user is the root user, the font path for the OpenWindows installation in this directory will be updated as necessary. That is, if todir is not in the font path, sdtfontadd appends it to the font path. If this option is not specified, the default is /usr/openwin.


Runs sdtfontadd in verbose mode, displaying a message to standard output (usually the monitor) as each font is installed.


Runs sdtfontadd with no user interaction. If a conflicting font is read-only, it is not overwritten. Otherwise, conflicting fonts are replaced by the new font.

font_name ...

Represents a list of fonts to install.

Note –

Type quotes around font names to make sure that they are interpreted correctly.

If no font is specified on the command line, sdtfontadd expects to receive font names from standard input (usually the keyboard).


Specifies the directory from which sdtfontadd will copy the fonts.


Specifies the directory into which sdtfontadd will install the fonts.