Font Administrator User's Guide

Naming Font Sets

    To name a font set:

  1. Search for font sets as described in Searching for Font Sets.

  2. Replace font set elements as described in Replacing Font Set Elements.

    Image shows how to name font set elements.
  3. On the Name Font Set dialog, enter a family name for the font set.

  4. Optionally, you may select other characteristics for the font set. By default, the characteristics are set to None. Font Administrator creates an alias using the family name and characteristics that you choose. This alias appears in the lower part of the dialog, in the New Font Set Name area.

  5. When you are done entering the name and characteristics, click Save.

If the alias is unique, Font Administrator saves it in the /etc/openwin/fontadm_fonts/fonts.alias file. If it is not unique, Font Administrator prompts you to enter a unique alias.