Font Administrator User's Guide

Appendix A Font Administrator Messages

This appendix lists Font Administrator messages together with likely causes and solutions.

path already exists in font path

The path you entered is already in the font path.

Possible Solution

No action is necessary.

text is not a directory

The information you entered is not a directory. Only directories may be added to the font path.

Possible Solution

Check that the font path element you enter is a directory.

path does not exist

The path you entered does not exist.

Possible Solutions

Your system is mounting OpenWindows from a server.

Your OpenWindows server, which contains the fonts used by your applications, is on a remote system. Font Administrator manages fonts on the local system.

Possible Solutions

Unable to add the installation directory automatically to the font path

Font Administrator could not automatically update the font path. For users to have access to the installed fonts, the installation directory must be in the font path.

Possible Solution

Check that you have write privileges on the font path.

Error while saving font path for local printer

There was a problem with either the printer configuration file, or the $OPENWINHOME/lib/fonts directory.

Possible Solutions