Font Administrator User's Guide

Chapter 1 Getting Started

Font Administrator is a graphical tool to assist SolarisTM OpenWindows users and administrators in managing fonts.

This chapter explains how to open Font Administrator and describes the main window.

To Open Font Administrator

    To open Font Administrator:

  1. Click the Application Manager control in the CDE Front Panel's Applications subpanel.

    Image shows the Application Manager on the Front Panel.
  2. In Application Manager, double-click the System_Admin folder.

    Image shows the System_Admin folder in the Application Manager.
  3. In the System_Admin folder, double-click the Font Administrator icon.

    Image shows the Font Administrator icon in the System_Admin folder.

Or you can enter the following command:

/usr/dt/bin/sdtfontadm &

Font Administrator's main window (Figure 1–1) appears, displaying a list of fonts currently installed on the local host. For a description of the main window, see Font Administrator Main Window.

Note –

If you run Font Administrator by using an X terminal, Font Administrator manages fonts on the host system, not on the X terminal. Also, if the fonts on the X terminal are different from the fonts on the host, Font Administrator may not be able to display appropriate sample text to the X terminal.

Font Administrator Main Window

Use the Font Administrator main window to view a list of currently installed fonts. You can also view attributes or sample text for a font.

Figure 1–1 Font Administrator Main Window

Image shows the Font Administrator main window.

The Font Administrator main window consists of the following parts:

Fonts Menu

Image shows the total disk space occupied by a font.

The Fonts menu lists the following choices:


Deletes the selected font or fonts.


Installs the fonts you choose.


Displays attributes of the selected font.


Searches the font list for the font you enter. You can enter a partial font name.


Displays a list of currently installed font aliases.


Quits Font Administrator.

Options Menu

Image shows the Options menu.

The Options menu lists the following choices:

Modify Font Path

Makes changes to the font path.

Set Sample Text

Changes the default sample text.

Help Menu

Image shows the Help menu.

The Help menu lists the following choices:


Displays introductory information about Font Administrator features.


Displays step-by-step instructions for using Font Administrator.


Displays summary information about Font Administrator components.

On Item

Changes the pointer to a question mark – click the question mark pointer on a Font Administrator item for its description.

Using Help

Displays information about using Help.

About Font Administrator

Displays version, copyright, and licensing information about Font Administrator.