Font Administrator User's Guide

To Open Font Administrator

    To open Font Administrator:

  1. Click the Application Manager control in the CDE Front Panel's Applications subpanel.

    Image shows the Application Manager on the Front Panel.
  2. In Application Manager, double-click the System_Admin folder.

    Image shows the System_Admin folder in the Application Manager.
  3. In the System_Admin folder, double-click the Font Administrator icon.

    Image shows the Font Administrator icon in the System_Admin folder.

Or you can enter the following command:

/usr/dt/bin/sdtfontadm &

Font Administrator's main window (Figure 1–1) appears, displaying a list of fonts currently installed on the local host. For a description of the main window, see Font Administrator Main Window.

Note –

If you run Font Administrator by using an X terminal, Font Administrator manages fonts on the host system, not on the X terminal. Also, if the fonts on the X terminal are different from the fonts on the host, Font Administrator may not be able to display appropriate sample text to the X terminal.