ToolTalk User's Guide

What files are part of the ToolTalk service?

The ToolTalk files are found in the /usr/dt/bin, lib, and include/Tt, directories, as well as in /usr/openwin/bin, lib, include/desktop, and man directories. The reason for this is historical. ToolTalk existed before the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and was shipped with Solaris in the /usr/openwin directory structure. When CDE was released, ToolTalk was visible from the /usr/dt directory structure using symbolic links, but was still actually installed in /usr/openwin. On a Solaris 2.5 or compatible system that has CDE installed, you will find that the ToolTalk files in /usr/dt are symbolic links to /usr/openwin. On a Solaris 2.4 or compatible system with CDE installed, you will find two different complete versions of ToolTalk installed: one in /usr/dt and one in /usr/openwin. However, only the ToolTalk in /usr/dt will work with CDE.

Table D–1 describes the files.

Table D–1 ToolTalk Files

File Name 



Communicates on the network to deliver messages. 


Stores and manages ToolTalk object specs and information on files referenced in ToolTalk messages. 

ttcp, ttmv, ttrm, ttrmdir, tttar

Standard operating system shell commands. These commands inform the ToolTalk service when files that contain ToolTalk objects or files that are the subject of ToolTalk messages are copied, moved, or removed. 

tttrace, ttsnoop

tttrace is analogous to truss(1). It enables you to trace either the messags-passing and pattern matching occuring in a given ttsession, or it can be used to provide a per-program trace of all calls into the ToolTalk API. ttnsoop is a Motif-based program that provides the message and pattern tracing functionality of tttrace with the added ability to create and send messages easily, and register patterns, both as a debugging or tutoring aid.


Database check and recovery tool for the ToolTalk databases. 


Compiles the ptype and otype files, and automatically installs them in the ToolTalk Types database. 


Converts ToolTalk type data from the Classing Engine database format to the XDR database format. 

libtt.a,, and tt_c.h, tttk.h

Application programming interface (API) libraries and header file that contain the ToolTalk functions used by applications to send and receive messages.