ToolTalk User's Guide

Broken Connections

The ToolTalk service provides a function to notify processes if your tool exits unexpectedly. When you include the tt_message_send_on_exit call, the ToolTalk service queues the message internally until one of two events happen:

  1. Your process calls tt_close.

    In this case, the ToolTalk service deletes the message from its queue.

  2. The connection between the ttsession server and your process is broken; for example, the application crashed.

    In this case, the ToolTalk service matches the queued message to a pattern and delivers it in the same manner as if your had sent the message normally before exiting.

Your process can also send a normal message on a normal termination by calling tt_message_send before it calls tt_close. In this case, if your process sends its normal termination message but crashes before it calls tt_close, the ToolTalk service will deliver both the normal termination message and the tt_message_send_on_exit message to interested processes.