ToolTalk User's Guide

Redirecting the File System Partition

When you redirect a file system partition, a ToolTalk database can logically read and write ToolTalk data from and to a read-only file system partition by physically accessing a different file system partition. To redirect a file partition, you need to map the partitions to where the ToolTalk database will write. On the machine running the ToolTalk database server:

  1. Create a partition_map file.

    For example:

    # Map first partition
    /cdrom  /usr
    # Map second partition
    /sr0/export/home  /export/home

    maps the read-only partition /cdrom to /usr, a read-write partition; and maps the read-only partition /sr0/export/home to /export/home, a read-write partition.

  2. Store the map file in the same location at which the system ToolTalk Types databases are stored.

    Note –

    A file partition defined in the TT_PARTITION_MAP environment variable has a higher precedence than the file partition defined in this map file.

    The map file is read when the ToolTalk database server is started, or when the database server receives a USR2 signal. For detailed information on partition redirection see partition_map(4).