ToolTalk User's Guide

Integrating Multimedia Functionality

Integrating multimedia functionality into an application allows end-users of the application to embed various media types in their documents.

Typically, an icon that represents the media object is embedded in the document. Upon selection of an embedded object, the ToolTalk service automatically invokes an appropriate external media application and the object is played as illustrated in the following scenario.

  1. Daniel opens a document that contains multimedia objects.

  2. The window shows the document with several icons representing various media types (such as sound, video, and graphics).

  3. Daniel double-clicks on the sound icon.

    A sound application (called a player) is launched and the embedded recording is played.

  4. To edit the recording, Daniel clicks once on the icon to select it and uses the third mouse button to bring up an Edit menu.

    An editing application is launched and Daniel edits the media object.