ToolTalk User's Guide


In this example, a debugger uses an editor to display the source around a breakpoint through ToolTalk messages.

The editor has the following Handle pattern in its ptype:

(HandlerPtype: TextEditor;
  Op: ShowLine;
  Scope: TT_SESSION;
  Session: my_session_id;
  File: /home/butterfly/astrid/src/ebe.c)

  1. When the debugger reaches a breakpoint, it sends a message that contains the op (ShowLine), argument (the line number), file (the file name), session (the current session id), and scope (TT_SESSION) attributes.

  2. The ToolTalk service matches this message against all registered patterns and finds the pattern registered by the editor.

  3. The ToolTalk service delivers the message to the editor.

  4. The editor then scrolls to the line indicated in the argument.