Solaris 共通デスクトップ環境 上級ユーザ及びシステム管理者ガイド

付録 A dtconfig(1) のマニュアルページ

     dtconfig - desktop configuration utility
     dtconfig [-d |-e |-kill |-reset |-p |-inetd |-inetd.ow ]
     Desktop configuration utility.  Integrates CDE with the
     operating system of the underlying platform.  System root 
     login privilege is required to use dtconfig. 
     -d   Disables desktop auto-start feature.  At end of boot 
          cycle, platform's native text based login mechanism 
          will be used.
     -e   Enable's desktop auto-start feature.  Desktop login 
          Kill desktop (window based) login process and any user
          sessions associated with it.  Return control to 
          system's native text based console.
          Tell desktop (window based) login process to reread its
          configuration file to incorporate any changes.

     -p   Printer actions for any printer known to platform will 
          be created if such print actions do not already exist 
          in the platform's actions database.  This option is 
          executed automatically at boot time if desktop auto-
          start has been enabled.
          Adds /usr/dt/bin daemons to the /etc/inetd.conf file.
          Specific CDE background daemon setup includes
          rpc.ttdbserverd (ToolTalk), rpc.cmsd (Calendar 
          Manager), and dtspcd (subprocess control).  This -inetd
          option is called automatically by Solaris CDE package
          installs.  This -inetd option is also useful for CDE 
          daemon setup outside of normal Solaris CDE install, 
          including system setup where /usr/dt has simply been 
          mounted from some remote fileserver exporting the 
          /usr/dt directory.
          Switches the ToolTalk and Calendar Manager daemons
          (rpc.ttdbserverd & rpc.cmsd) start lines in 
          /etc/inetd.conf back to the older /usr/openwin/bin 
          area.  This option is called automatically by Solaris 
          CDE package remove scripts when needed.  It is also 
          useful outside of normal Solaris package remove opera-
          tions when /usr/dt is about to be manually removed or
     0    Successful completion
    >0    Error condition
     /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig       location of dtconfig utility 
     dtlogin (1), dtprintinfo (1)