Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap—What's New



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Manage storage in which one or more components is greater than 1 TB 

Use physical logical unit numbers (LUNs) that are greater than 1 TB in size, or create logical volumes that are greater than 1 TB.  

Overview of Multi-Terabyte Support in Solaris Volume Manager

Import a disk set from one system to another 

Use the metaimport command to import disk sets, even disk sets created on different systems. This command uses expanded device ID support to automatically track disk movement within named disk sets.

Importing a Disk Set

Asynchronous Shared Storage in Disk Sets

Create and manage multi-owner disk sets 

Use the metaset -M to administer multi-owner disk sets in a Sun Cluster environment.

Tasks Associated With Multi-Owner Disk Sets