Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap—Availability



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Maximize data availability 

Use Solaris Volume Manager's mirroring feature to maintain multiple copies of your data. You can create a RAID-1 volume from unused slices in preparation for data, or you can mirror an existing file system, including root (/) and /usr.

How to Create a RAID-1 Volume From Unused Slices

How to Create a RAID-1 Volume From a File System

Add data availability with minimum hardware cost 

Increase data availability with a minimum of hardware by using Solaris Volume Manager's RAID-5 volumes. 

How to Create a RAID-5 Volume

Increase data availability for an existing RAID-1 or RAID-5 volume 

Increase data availability for a RAID-1 or a RAID-5 volume, by creating a hot spare pool then associating it with the submirrors of a RAID-1 volume, or a RAID-5 volume. 

Creating a Hot Spare Pool

Associating a Hot Spare Pool With Volumes