Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap—I/O Performance



For Instructions 

Tune RAID-1 volume readanwrite policies 

Specify the read and write policies for a RAID-1 volume to improve I/O performance for a given configuration. 

RAID-1 Volume Read-and-Write Policies

How to Change RAID-1 Volume Options

Optimize device performance 

Create RAID-0 (stripe) volumes to optimize I/O performance of devices that make up the stripe. The interlace value can be optimized for random or sequential access. 

Creating RAID-0 (Stripe) Volumes

Maintain device performance within a RAID-0 (stripe) 

Expand a stripe or concatenation that has run out of space by concatenating a new component to it. A concatenation of stripes is better for I/O performance than a concatenation of slices. 

Expanding Storage Capacity