Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Solaris Volume Manager Roadmap—Troubleshooting



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Replace a failing slice 

If a disk fails, you must replace the slices used in your Solaris Volume Manager configuration. In the case of RAID-0 volume, you have to use a new slice, delete and re-create the volume, then restore data from a backup. Slices in RAID-1 and RAID-5 volumes can be replaced and resynchronized without loss of data. 

Responding to RAID-1 Volume Component Failures

How to Replace a Component in a RAID-5 Volume

Recover from boot problems 

Special problems can arise when booting the system, due to a hardware problem or operator error. 

How to Recover From Improper /etc/vfstab Entries

How to Recover From Insufficient State Database Replicas

How to Recover From a Boot Device Failure