Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Chapter 5 Configuring and Using Solaris Volume Manager (Scenario)

Throughout the Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide, the examples generally relate to a single storage configuration, whenever that is possible. This chapter describes the scenario used in the examples. The chapter provides details about the initial storage configuration that is used in subsequent chapters.

This chapter contains the following information:

Scenario Background Information

Throughout this book, the scenarios and many of the examples relate to a single configuration. Although this configuration is small (to simplify the documentation), the conceptsl scale to much larger storage environments.

Hardware Configuration

The hardware system is configured as follows:

An alternative way to understand this configuration is shown in the following diagram.

Figure 5–1 Basic Hardware Diagram Storage Scenario

Diagram shows system with three controllers and attached
disks. Two controllers have six disks and the third has a single disk with
the root slice.

Initial Physical Storage Configuration

Here is the storage configuration before Solaris Volume Manager is configured:

Final Solaris Volume Manager Configuration

Throughout this book, specific scenarios are provided with specific tasks. However, so that you can better understand the examples throughout the book, the final configuration is approximately as follows, as displayed by the metastat -p command:

[root@lexicon:/]$ metastat -p
d50 -r c1t4d0s5 c1t5d0s5 c2t4d0s5 c2t5d0s5 c1t1d0s5 c2t1d0s5 -k -i 32b
d1 1 1 c1t2d0s3
d2 1 1 c2t2d0s3
d12 1 1 c1t1d0s0
d13 1 1 c2t1d0s0
d16 1 1 c1t1d0s1
d17 1 1 c2t1d0s1
d25 2 2 c1t1d0s3 c2t1d0s3 -i 32b \
         1 c0t0d0s3
d31 1 2 c1t4d0s4 c2t4d0s4 -i 8192b
d80 -p d70 -o 1 -b 2097152 
d81 -p d70 -o 2097154 -b 2097152 
d82 -p d70 -o 4194307 -b 2097152 
d83 -p d70 -o 6291460 -b 2097152 
d84 -p d70 -o 8388613 -b 2097152 
d85 -p d70 -o 10485766 -b 2097152 
d70 -m d71 d72 1
d71 3 1 c1t3d0s3 \
         1 c1t3d0s4 \
         1 c1t3d0s5
d72 3 1 c2t3d0s3 \
         1 c2t3d0s4 \
         1 c2t3d0s5
d123 -p c1t3d0s6 -o 1 -b 204800 
d124 -p c1t3d0s6 -o 204802 -b 204800 
d125 -p c1t3d0s6 -o 409603 -b 204800 
d126 -p c1t3d0s7 -o 3592 -b 20480 
d127 -p c2t3d0s7 -o 3592 -b 1433600 
hsp014 c1t2d0s1 c2t2d0s1
hsp050 c1t2d0s5 c2t2d0s5
hsp070 c1t2d0s4 c2t2d0s4

See the metastat(1M) command for more information on the -p option.