Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Remove a Soft Partition

Before You Begin

Read the Configuration Guidelines for Soft Partitions.


    Use one of the following methods to delete a soft partition:

    • From the Enhanced Storage tool within the Solaris Management Console, open the Volumes node. Choose the soft partition that you want to delete. Then choose Action⇒Properties. Follow the onscreen instructions. For more information, see the online help.

    • To delete a soft partition, use one of the following forms of the metaclear command:

      # metaclear [-s diskset] component
      # metaclear [-s diskset] -r soft-partition
      # metaclear [-s diskset] -p component

      Specifies the disk set in which the soft partition exists.


      Specifies the soft partition to delete.


      Specifies to recursively delete logical volumes, but not volumes on which others depend.


      Specifies to purge all soft partitions on the specified component, except those soft partitions that are open.


      Specifies the component from which to clear all of the soft partitions.

Example 13–5 Removing a Soft Partition

This example shows how to delete all soft partitions on c1t4d2s0.

# metaclear -p c1t4d2s0