Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

RAID-0 (Concatenated Stripe) Volume

A RAID–0 (concatenated stripe) volume is a stripe that has been expanded by adding additional components (stripes).

To set the interlace value for a concatenated stripe volume, at the stripe level, use either the Enhanced Storage tool within the Solaris Management Console, or the metattach -i command. Each stripe within the concatenated stripe volume can have its own interlace value. When you create a concatenated stripe volume from scratch, if you do not specify an interlace value for a particular stripe, it inherits the interlace value from the previous stripe added to the volume.

Example—RAID-0 (Concatenated Stripe) Volume

Figure 8–3 illustrates a concatenated stripe volume that is a concatenation of three stripes.

The first stripe consists of three slices, Slice A through C, with an interlace value of 16 Kbytes. The second stripe consists of two slices, Slice D and E, and uses an interlace value of 32 Kbytes. The last stripe consists of a two slices, Slice F and G. Because no interlace value is specified for the third stripe, it inherits the value from the stripe that was added before it, which in this case is 32 Kbytes. Sequential data blocks are added to the first stripe until that stripe has no more space. Data blocks are then added to the second stripe. When this stripe has no more space, data blocks are added to the third stripe. Within each stripe, the data blocks are interleaved according to the specified interlace value.

Figure 8–3 RAID-0 (Concatenated Stripe) Volume Example

Diagram shows how several stripes are concatenated together to
present a single larger logical RAID-0 volume.