Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Interlace Values for a RAID–0 (Stripe) Volume

An interlace is the size, in Kbytes, Mbytes, or blocks, of the logical data segments on a stripe volume. Depending on the application, different interlace values can increase performance for your configuration. The performance increase comes from having several disk arms managing I/O requests. When the I/O request is larger than the interlace size, you might get better performance.

Note –

RAID-5 volumes also use an interlace value. See Overview of RAID-5 Volumes for more information.

When you create a stripe volume, you can set the interlace value or use the Solaris Volume Manager default interlace value of 16 Kbytes. Once you have created the stripe volume, you cannot change the interlace value. However, you could back up the data on it, delete the stripe volume, create a new stripe volume with a new interlace value, and then restore the data.