Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Volume Names

As with physical slices, volumes have logical names that appear in the file system. Logical volume names have entries in the /dev/md/dsk directory for block devices and the /dev/md/rdsk directory for raw devices. Instead of specifying the full volume name, such as /dev/md/dsk/volume-name, you can often use an abbreviated volume name, such as d1, with any meta* command. You can generally rename a volume, as long as the volume is not currently being used and the new name is not being used by another volume. For more information, see Exchanging Volume Names.

Originally, volume names had to begin with the letter “d” followed by a number (for example, d0). This format is still acceptable. The following are examples of volume names that use the “d*” naming construct:


Block volume d0


Block volume d1


Raw volume d126


Raw volume d127

Volume Name Guidelines

The use of a standard for your volume names can simplify administration and enable you at a glance to identify the volume type. Here are a few suggestions: