Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Shared Disk Sets

A shared disk set can be shared by multiple hosts. Although a shared disk set is visible from all the participating hosts, only the owner of the disk set can access it. Each host can control a shared disk set, but only one host can control it at a time. Additionally, shared disk sets provide a distinct namespace within which the volume is managed.

A shared disk set supports data redundancy and data availability. If one host fails, another host can take over the failed host's disk set (this type of configuration is known as a failover configuration).

Note –

Shared disk sets are intended, in part, for use with Sun Cluster, Solstice HA (High Availability), or another supported third-party HA framework. Solaris Volume Manager by itself does not provide all the functionality necessary to implement a failover configuration.

Although each host can control the set of disks, only one host can control it at a time.