Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Creating a Volume With a Saved Shell Script Created by the metassist Command

After you have created a shell script with the metassist command, you can use that script to create the volumes that you specified when the shell script was created.

Caution – Caution –

The command script created by the metassist command has significant dependencies on the specific system configuration of the system on which the script was created, at the time the script was created. Using the script on different systems or after any changes to the system configuration can lead to data corruption or loss.

ProcedureHow to Execute a Saved metassist Command Shell Script

Before You Begin

Check Prerequisites for Top-Down Volume Creation.

  1. Ensure that the system configuration has not changed since the shell script was created, and that you are executing the script on the same system it was created on.

  2. Execute the saved shell script.

    # sh ./metassist-shell-script-name
  3. View the new volume.

    # metastat -s diskset-name

Example 23–8 Executing a Saved metassist Command Shell Script

The following example shows how to use the metassist command to create a volume using a shell script.

# sh ./tmp/
myset/hsp000: Hotspare pool is setup
myset/hsp000: Hotspare is added
myset/d2: Concat/Stripe is setup
myset/d1: Concat/Stripe is setup
myset/d0: Mirror is setup
myset/d0: submirror myset/d1 is attached