Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Top-Down Volume Creation (Task Map)

The following task map identifies the procedures needed to create Solaris Volume Manager volumes using the metassist command. This command enables you to specify volumes based on quality-of-service characteristics and to create sets of layered volumes with a single command.




Create volumes automatically 

Enables you to use the metassist command to create one or more Solaris Volume Manager volumes.

Also, enables you to control the amount of information about the volume creation process that the metassist command provides for troubleshooting or for diagnosing problems.

Creating Volumes Automatically

Analyzing Volume Creation by Specifying Output Verbosity

Create a command file 

Helps you create a shell script with the metassist command to generate the volumes that the command specifies.

Creating a Volume Configuration File With the metassist Command

Create a volume with a shell script 

Shows you how to create the Solaris Volume Manager volumes that the metassist command specified with the shell script previously generated by the command.

Creating a Volume With a Saved Shell Script Created by the metassist Command

Create a volume configuration file 

Helps you create a volume configuration file, describing the characteristics of the volumes you want to create.  

Creating a Volume Configuration File With the metassist Command

Change the volume defaults file 

Allows you to set default volume characteristics to customize the behavior of metassist command.

Changing the Volume Defaults File