System Administration Guide: IP Services

Comparison of DHCP Manager and dhcpconfig

The following table summarizes the differences between the two server configuration tools.

Table 13–4 Comparison of DHCP Manager and the dhcpconfig Command


DHCP Manager 

dhcpconfig With Options

Network information that is gathered from system. 

Enables you to view the information gathered from system files, and to change it if needed. 

You can specify the network information with command-line options. 

Speed of configuration. 

Speeds the configuration process by omitting prompts for nonessential server options, using default values instead. You can change nonessential options after initial configuration. 

Fastest configuration process, but you might need to specify values for many options. 

Chapter 14, Configuring the DHCP Service (Tasks) includes procedures you can use to configure your server with either DHCP Manager or the dhcpconfig utility.