System Administration Guide: IP Services

ProcedureHow to Set Up Support of Registered BOOTP Clients (DHCP Manager)

  1. In DHCP Manager, select Modify from the Service menu.

    The Modify Service Options dialog box opens.

    See How to Start and Stop DHCP Manager for information about DHCP Manager.

  2. In the BOOTP Compatibility section of the dialog box, select Manual.

  3. Select Restart Server, and click OK.

  4. Select the Addresses tab.

  5. Select an address that you want to assign to a particular BOOTP client.

  6. Choose Properties from the Edit menu.

    The Address Properties dialog box opens.

  7. In the Address Properties dialog box, select the Lease tab.

  8. In the Client ID field, type the client's identifier.

    For a BOOTP Oracle Solaris client on an Ethernet network, the client ID is a string that is derived from the client's hexadecimal Ethernet address. The client ID includes a prefix that indicates the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) type for Ethernet (01). For example, a BOOTP client with the Ethernet address 8:0:20:94:12:1e would use the client ID 0108002094121E.

    Tip –

    As superuser on an Oracle Solaris client system, type the following command to obtain the Ethernet address for the interface:

    # ifconfig -a

  9. Select Reserved to reserve the IP address for this client.

  10. Select Assign Only to BOOTP Clients, and click OK.

    In the Addresses tab, BOOTP is displayed in the Status field, and the client ID you specified is listed in the Client ID field.