System Administration Guide: IP Services

Adding IP Addresses to the DHCP Service

Before you add IP addresses, you must add the network that owns the addresses to the DHCP service. See Adding DHCP Networks for information about adding networks.

You can add addresses with DHCP Manager or the pntadm command.

On networks that are already managed by the DHCP service, you can add addresses in several ways with DHCP Manager:

The following figure shows the Create Address dialog box. The Duplicate Address dialog box is identical to the Create Address dialog box, except that the text fields display the values for an existing address.

Figure 15–8 Create Address Dialog Box in DHCP Manager

Dialog box shows Address tab, which includes fields IP
Address, Client Name, Comment. Shows pull-down list called Configuration Macro.

The following figure shows the first dialog of the Add Addresses to Network wizard, used to add a range of IP addresses.

Figure 15–9 Add Addresses to Network Wizard in DHCP Manager

The context describes the purpose of the graphic. Shows
Number of IP Addresses and Comment fields, back and forward arrows, Cancel,
and Help buttons.