System Administration Guide: IP Services

DHCP Client Administration

The Oracle Solaris DHCP client software does not require administration under normal system operation. The dhcpagent daemon automatically starts when the system boots, renegotiates leases, and stops when the system shuts down. You should not manually start and stop the dhcpagent daemon directly. Instead, as superuser on the client system, you can use the ifconfig command to affect dhcpagent's management of the network interface, if necessary.

ifconfig Command Options Used With the DHCP Client

This section summarizes the command options, which are documented in the ifconfig(1M) man page. The only difference between the DHCPv4 and the DHCPv6 versions of these commands is the “inet6” keyword. Include the “inet6” keyword for DHCPv6, but leave it out when running DHCPv4.

The ifconfig command enables you to do the following:

Setting DHCP Client Configuration Parameters

The /etc/default/dhcpagent file on the client system contains tunable parameters for the dhcpagent. You can use a text editor to change several parameters that affect client operation. The /etc/default/dhcpagent file is well documented, so for more information, you should refer to the file as well as to the dhcpagent(1M) man page.

The /etc/dhcp.interface file is another location in which parameters affecting the DHCP client are set. Parameters set in this file are used by system startup scripts with the ifconfig command. This, however, affects only DHCPv4. There is no DHCPv6 equivalent.

By default, the DHCP client is configured as follows:

For DHCPv4

For DHCPv4 and DHCPv6