System Administration Guide: IP Services

Converting dhcptags Entries to inittab Entries

If you previously added entries to your dhcptags file, you must add corresponding entries to the new inittab file if you want to continue using the options you added to your site. The following example shows how a sample dhcptags entry might be expressed in inittab format.

Suppose you had added the following dhcptags entry for fax machines that are connected to the network:

128 FaxMchn - IP Fax_Machine

The code 128 means that the option must be in the Site category. The option name is FaxMchn, and the data type is IP.

The corresponding inittab entry might be:

FaxMchn SITE, 128, IP, 1, 1, sdmi

The granularity of 1 and the maximum of 1 indicate that one IP address is expected for this option.