System Administration Guide: IP Services

Configuring and Administering IPMP Groups (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Plan for an IPMP group. 

Lists all ancillary information and required tasks before you can configure an IPMP group. 

How to Plan for an IPMP Group

Configure an IPMP interface group with multiple interfaces. 

Configures multiple interfaces as members of an IPMP group. 

How to Configure an IPMP Group With Multiple Interfaces

Configure an IPMP group where one of the interfaces is a standby interface. 

Configures one of the interfaces in a multiple interface IPMP group as a standby interface. 

How to Configure a Standby Interface for an IPMP Group

Configure an IPMP group that consists of a single interface. 

Creates a single interface IPMP group.  

How to Configure a Single Interface IPMP Group

Display the IPMP group to which a physical interface belongs. 

Explains how to obtain the name of an interface's IPMP group from the output of the ifconfig command.

How to Display the IPMP Group Membership of an Interface

Add an interface to an IPMP group. 

Configures a new interface as a member of an existing IPMP group. 

How to Add an Interface to an IPMP Group

Remove an interface from an IPMP group. 

Explains how to remove an interface from an IPMP group. 

How to Remove an Interface From an IPMP Group

Move an interface from an existing IPMP group to a different group. 

Moves interfaces among IPMP groups. 

How to Move an Interface From One IPMP Group to Another Group

Change three default settings for the in.mpathd daemon.

Customizes failure detection time and other parameters of the in.mpathd daemon.

How to Configure the /etc/default/mpathd File