System Administration Guide: IP Services

Attaching NICs

You can add interfaces to an IPMP group at any time by using the ifconfig command, as explained in How to Configure an IPMP Group With Multiple Interfaces. Thus, any interfaces on system components that you attach after system boot can be plumbed and added to an existing IPMP group. Or, if appropriate, you can configure the newly added interfaces into their own IPMP group.

These interfaces and the data addresses that are configured on them are immediately available for use by the IPMP group. However, for the system to automatically configure and use the interfaces after a reboot, you must create an /etc/hostname.interface file for each new interface. For instructions, refer toHow to Configure a Physical Interface After System Installation.

If an /etc/hostname.interface file already exists when the interface is attached, then RCM automatically configures the interface according to the contents of this file. Thus, the interface receives the same configuration that it would have received after system boot.