System Administration Guide: IP Services

Reattaching NICs

RCM records the configuration information associated with any NIC's that are detached from a running system. As a result, RCM treats the reattachment of a NIC that had been previously detached identically as it would to the attachment of a new NIC. That is, RCM only performs plumbing.

However, reattached NICs typically have an existing /etc/hostname.interface file. In this case, RCM automatically configures the interface according to the contents of the existing /etc/hostname.interface file. Additionally, RCM informs the in.mpathd daemon of each data address that was originally hosted on the reattached interface. Thus, once the reattached interface is functioning properly, all of its data addresses are failed back to the reattached interface as if it had been repaired.

If the NIC being reattached does not have an /etc/hostname.interface file, then no configuration information is available. RCM has no information regarding how to configure the interface. One consequence of this situation is that addresses that were previously failed over to another interface are not failed back.