System Administration Guide: IP Services

ProcedureHow to Deactivate NAT

The following procedure deactivates Oracle Solaris IP Filter NAT rules by flushing the NAT rules from the active NAT rules set. The procedure does not disable Oracle Solaris IP Filter. You can reactivate Oracle Solaris IP Filter by adding rules to the rule set.

  1. Assume a role that includes the IP Filter Management rights profile, or become superuser.

    You can assign the IP Filter Management rights profile to a role that you create. To create the role and assign the role to a user, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services.

  2. Remove NAT from the kernel.

    # ipnat -FC

    The -C option removes all entries in the current NAT rule listing. The -F option removes all active entries in the current NAT translation table, which shows the currently active NAT mappings.