System Administration Guide: IP Services

TCP/IP and Networking Related Web Sites

The Internet has a wealth of web sites and user groups that are devoted to TCP/IP protocols and their administration. Many manufacturers, including Oracle Corporation, offer web-based resources for general TCP/IP information. The following are helpful web resources for TCP/IP information and general system administration information. The table lists relevant web sites and descriptions of networking information the sites provide.

Web Site 


The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) web site

The IETF is the body responsible for the architecture and governance of the Internet. The IETF web site contains information about the various activities of this organization. The site also includes links to the major publications of the IETF.  

Oracle Corporation's BigAdmin Portal

BigAdmin provides information for administering Sun computers. The site offers FAQs, resources, discussions, links to documentation, and other materials that pertain to Oracle Solaris 10 administration, including networking.