System Administration Guide: IP Services

Interface Administration (Task Map)

The following table lists different tasks for configuring network interfaces, including special configurations such as VLANs and link aggregations. The table includes a description of what each task accomplishes and the section in the current documentation where the specific steps to perform the task are detailed.



For Instructions 

Check the status of interfaces on a system. 

List all interfaces on the system and check which interfaces are already plumbed. 

How to Obtain Interface Status

Add a single interface after system installation. 

Change a system to a multihomed host or router by configuring another interface. 

How to Configure a Physical Interface After System Installation

SPARC: Check that the MAC address of an interface is unique. 

Ensure that the interface is configured with its factory-installed MAC address, rather than the system MAC address (SPARC only). 

SPARC: How to Ensure That the MAC Address of an Interface Is Unique

Plan for a virtual local area network (VLAN). 

Perform required planning tasks prior to creating a VLAN. 

How to Plan a VLAN Configuration

Configure a VLAN. 

Create and modify VLANs on your network. 

How to Configure a VLAN

Plan for aggregations. 

Design your aggregation and perform required planning tasks prior to configuring aggregations. 

Overview of Link Aggregations

Configure an aggregation. 

Perform various tasks related to link aggregations. 

How to Create a Link Aggregation

Plan for and configure an IPMP group. 

Configure failover and failback for interfaces that are members of an IPMP group. 

How to Plan for an IPMP Group

How to Configure an IPMP Group With Multiple Interfaces