System Administration Guide: IP Services

Modifying an IPv6 Interface Configuration (Task Map)

The following table lists different tasks to modify an existing IPv6 network. The table includes a description of what each task accomplishes and the section in the current documentation where the specific steps to perform the task are detailed.



For Instructions 

Turn off IPv6 address autoconfiguration. 

Use this task if you need to manually configure the interface ID portion of the IPv6 address. 

How to Turn Off IPv6 Address Autoconfiguration

Create a temporary address for a host. 

Hide a host's interface ID by configuring a randomly created temporary address that is used as the lower 64 bits of the address. 

How to Configure a Temporary Address

Configure a token for the interface ID of a system. 

Create a 64-bit token to be used as the interface ID in an IPv6 address. 

How to Configure a User-Specified IPv6 Token