System Administration Guide: IP Services

Configuration Syntax

Configure the DHCPv6 client in much the same way as the existing DHCPv4 client, using /etc/default/dhcpagent.

The syntax is augmented with a “.v6” marker between the interface name (if any) and the parameter to be configured. For example, the global IPv4 option request list is set like this:


An individual interface can be configured to omit the hostname option like this:


To set a global request list for DHCPv6, note the leading dot:


Or, to set an individual interface, follow this example:


For reference, here is an actual /etc/default/dhcpagent file for DHCPv6 configuration:

# The default DHCPv6 parameter request list has preference (7), unicast (12),
# DNS addresses (23), DNS search list (24), NIS addresses (27), and
# NIS domain (29).  This may be changed by altering the following parameter- 
# value pair.  The numbers correspond to the values defined in RFC 3315 and 
# the IANA dhcpv6-parameters registry.