System Administration Guide: IP Services

ProcedureHow to Configure VLANs Over a Link Aggregation

In the same manner as configuring VLANs over an interface, you can also create VLANs on a link aggregation. VLANs are described in Administering Virtual Local Area Networks. This section combines configuring VLANs and link aggregations.

Before You Begin

Configure the link aggregation first with a valid IP address. Note the value of the aggregation's key which you will need when you create the VLANs over the aggregation. To create link aggregations, refer to How to Create a Link Aggregation.

  1. If a link aggregation has already been previously created, obtain that aggregation's key.

    # dladm show-aggr
  2. Create the VLANs over the link aggregation.

    # ifconfig aggrVIDkey plumb



    The ID of the VLAN


    The key of the link aggregation over which the VLAN is created. The key must be in a 3–digit format. For example, if the aggregation's key is 1, then the key number that is included in the name of the VLAN is 001.

  3. Repeat Step 2 to create other VLANs over the aggregation.

  4. Configure the VLANs with valid IP addresses.

  5. To create persistent VLAN configurations, add the IP address information to the corresponding /etc/hostname.VLAN configuration files.

Example 6–8 Configuring Multiple VLANs Over a Link Aggregation

In this example, two VLANs are configured on a link aggregation. The output of the dladm show-aggr command indicates that the link aggregation's key is 1. The VLANs are assigned VIDs 193 and 194, respectively.

# dladm show-aggr
key: 1 (0x0001) policy: L4      address: 0:3:ba:7:84:5e (auto)
device   address           speed         duplex  link    state
bge0     0:3:ba:7:b5:a7    1000  Mbps    full    up      attached
bge1     0:3:ba:8:22:3b    0     Mbps    unknown down    standby

# ifconfig aggr193001 plumb
# ifconfig aggr193001 up

# ifconfig aggr194001 plumb
# ifconfig aggr194001 up

# vi /etc/hostname.aggr193001

# vi /etc/hostname.aggr194001